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JCT・MWhat? What can I do?

​We pronounce it "JCT・M" as "Junction Music". Based on our experience in the many projects we have been involved in, we will make proposals that can meet your music needs.



Providing music/performances

The representative, who has been performing at a certain theme park for 11 years, has appeared in the pre-opening act of Mr. Children's 25th anniversary tour "Thanksgiving 25", and has appeared and performed in numerous orchestras, movies, commercials, events, etc. We have been providing services. Usually, there are many forms that specialize in one thing, such as classical music or jazz, but we provide performers who can perform in any genre.


Providing composition and arrangement

​In addition to providing commissioned works for wind bands and ensembles, he has also produced the movie “The Longest Photograph in the World” starring Mahiro Takasugi and Honoka Matsumoto, and the Christmas program “Solakara” at Tokyo Sky Tree. We provide a wide range of works tailored to your needs, such as providing music for ``Happy Christmas''.

Screenshot 2022-06-03 20.59.20.png


​Provision of private recording studio

For the CD recorded at Nogizaka Sony Studio as part of the Tropical M project, the representative even did the mixing himself, and a private studio equipped with professional quality equipment has been opened in Yokohama. We will propose a plan tailored to you, from ``I don't understand it well, but I want to leave a performance with a slightly better sound'' to ``Pre-Production''!


Rehearsal studio・​Lesson provision

The studio introduced in ​03 is fully equipped with an upright piano, and can be used for everyone from casual practice needs to a little louder to ensembles of about 5 people. We also offer music classes and other lessons using our rooms, so please feel free to contact us.

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