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​Greetings from the representative

Takuro Mayuzumi


Thank you for visiting this site.

As stated on the top page, we are committed to ``music,'' ``healing,'' and ``a place where people and content meet (junction),'' which is the origin of our company name.

We were founded in March 2022 with the theme.

By adding experience in finance, accounting, and general affairs as a company employee to my music career, I aim to provide an even more wonderful time and relaxing experience to Yokohama, where I was born and raised.



Kunitachi College of Music

Attended master classes with former Vienna Philtuba player Walter Hilgers and Mr. D. Unkroth. While in school, he became interested not only in classical music but also in various genres, and participated in the Kunitachi College of Music New Tide Jazz Orchestra, winning the Excellence Award at the 34th Yamano Big Band Contest.


Same advanced course

He enrolled in the orchestral music course and studied mainly in the orchestra. During his time there, he appeared as a representative brass band player at the Lieksa International Music Festival in Finland, and also performed at the Chiayi City International Wind Music Festival in Taiwan.


Tokyo Disneyland (Cosmax)

She passed the audition and began her performance life in the land of dreams. As I began various experiences in the world of show business, I met many smiling faces. Coincidentally, the day of the earthquake was the last day I performed.


Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo Disneyland Band)

He passed the audition again and was transferred. Although you may feel the burden of carrying the park name sign, you will meet many smiling faces and have many wonderful experiences.

​Experienced various workplaces while enrolleddo.

Appeared as the pre-opening act for Mr.Children's 25th anniversary tour "Thanksgiving 25", recorded Tuba and provided music for the movie "The Longest Picture in the World", produced and performed music for the Tokyo Skytree event. His activities are wide-ranging, including recording for the movie "Yuru Camp△".


​Become a company employee and become a part-time musician

Graduating from regular appearances at theme parks. From the moment I entered the workforce, I felt that musicians and other people who perform for a living are overwhelmingly lacking in knowledge about money-related matters and the workings of business and companies. In order to make a leap forward from there, he decided to become a company employee and become a part-time musician.

​While gaining experience in the general affairs and accounting department that I had hoped for, I also studied and obtained the 3rd and 2nd grade bookkeeping qualifications.


Established JCT・M Co., Ltd.

After experiencing many things over the past three years, we established our company.

​After establishment,
Various composition and arrangement services, ​Tropical'M'Project, live planning such as bass burns, provision of performers and accounting assistance to Magic Smile Music, accounting assistance to Spiel Chamber Orchestra, etc. We provide services that only musicians can understand, such as advice on grants and the like.

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