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JCT・M Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

We, JCT・M Co., Ltd., are based on "music", "healing", and our company name.

The origin of “Junction” where people and content intersect.

We were founded in March 2022 with the theme.

We aim to provide a more wonderful time and relaxing experience to Yokohama, where our representative was born and raised.

Citrus Fruits

​Junction Music

・Recording/rehearsal studio operations

・Concert planning/performer provision services

・Composition/arrangement/sound source creation work

・Publishing/engraving work

・Financial consulting services for musicians


Healing place "K"

・Haute couture treatment tailored to your body

Lymph massage (small face/slimming)

​Chiropractic treatment for musicians by instrument

Cycling relaxation for companies

​ etc.

*HP renewal under construction (Coming Soon)

JCT・M Co., Ltd. (Junction Music Co., Ltd.)

119-16 Nishikubo-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama 240-0022


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